Hammer That Interval

In one of Scott McMillan's articles, he lists some ideas for running faster from the book Take the Lead by Scott Simmons and Will Freeman. Incorporating hammer intervals is one way to get faster.

Today my goal was to run hammer intervals: to run two of the intervals faster than the others. This will help me to learn to push harder when I'm tired. I wanted to run most of the intervals between 7:24 and 7:44 or even 8:00 (once I got outside in the heat). Did I mention the humidity and wind, yet?

I ran a warm-up mile and and 1/4 mile at a lightning speed pace. Actually, I don't know the pace for that interval. ; )

Then I ran 6 x 1/4 mile. Here are the pace results:
6:55 (goal is 7:24 - 7:44)
7:59 (into the wind)
7:34 (First hammer interval, but I knew I couldn't beat 6:55. Goal: beat 7:59)
8:11 (Goal: go slower than 7:34, but not this slow)
6:49 (Goal: my second hammer. There was only one word in my head - faster!)

It was a hard workout, but I liked it. After the cool-down was finished, I had run five miles today.


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