I'm Running Again

Last Saturday (the last time I ran), my average pace for my four mile run was 9:52/mile. Today - 10:55. I coughed a little. I sniffled a little, but I was able to run four miles.

When I got back home, my husband asked how my run went. He told me what I knew, but it feels a lot better when someone other than yourself tells you, "Don't worry about today's pace."

Maybe I'll do another short easy-paced run tomorrow. Maybe it will feel a little easier to go a little faster.

Pre-run: toast and jam
Post-run: Lucky Charms
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 11


  1. Ooooh, Lucky Charms can make anything better!

    Do you eat the marshmallows first or save them for last?

    Glad you're feeling better :o).

  2. Thanks for the laugh! And for stopping by! : )


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