Run and Stop to Shop and Run Again

I'm still not used to these warm and humid mornings. I felt a little sick to my stomach after my run today.

I ran four miles outside (10:03/mi. pace), stopping after a half mile for a yard sale where I met one of my neighbors. While I was there, I saw a bike trainer (you put your bike on it so you can ride inside) that I would have liked if only I had a bike! Sometimes I look into biking, but I get overwhelmed by all of the stuff you need. Running is a simpler sport.

After the road run, I did hills on my treadmill for 1/4 mile.

Pre-run: Lucky Charms : ) Actually, I buy the generic at HEB. We like it!
Post-run: yogurt and an orange
Shoes: Asics Gel Landreth 4


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