Run-down Run

Yesterday, I had a good and easy five mile run with a few hills.

Today I ran five hard miles. Three times, I ran a half mile (7:55 - 8:09/mi pace) with a quarter mile rest.

Two days ago, my doctor said that my lungs sounded like I have asthma (I don't) or that I'd been sick (yes). That must be why I felt so run-down this morning. Even the cool-down part felt hard.

At least the strength training I did before today's run went well. My upper arm muscles are telling me that the shoulder rotation exercise is working. I did some raised push-ups, too. Put your toes on a chair and try them. They're hard!

Pre-run: half of my Breakfast Bowl a.k.a. Oats/PB/Banana mixture
Post-run: the rest of the Oats/PB/Banana mixture
Shoes: Asics Gel DS Trainer 13


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