Almost Perfect Nine Mile Run

I waited until after my run to check the temperature today so that I wouldn't know just how hot it was - 75 degrees. It really didn't feel too bad with the light breeze.

I ran nine miles this morning. In my seventh mile, I got chased down the road by a pit bull who only wanted to run and jump and not bite me. I found that out after he ran up to me and didn't kill me. Still, I didn't want to get scratched on my bare legs so I sprinted away. My average pace for today: 9:41.

I drank Gatorade Endurance every two miles just because I have it leftover from my Seattle marathon training (it was on the race course). I felt great today - a good run. (Oh, except for the dog, but I've almost forgotten that already!)

(A bit of dog history: a couple of years ago, a German Shepherd jumped on me and scratched my face while I was out running. It happened much like today's incident, but of course, everything turned out alright today.)


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