Asics Landreth 4 Shoe Review #4

Now that I have over a hundred miles on my Asics Landreth 4 shoes, it's time for another review. At first, I kept to short runs in my Landreth shoes. That's because I couldn't run in them for more then 3 miles or so without them hurting my feet. After putting sixty miles on them, I was able to run longer in them, even using them for long runs.

But they were still bothering me when I first put them on. The material around my ankle felt uncomfortable and bulky. Now that they have a hundred and thirty miles on them, though, I don't have any problems with them.

I wouldn't buy another pair of Asics Landreth 4 shoes. Except for my first pair of running shoes, I've never had this much trouble with my shoes before.


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