Babying My Phone

I did forty minutes of strength training and then I went for a run. Unfortunately, my cell phone died, but then revived yesterday. Maybe our high humidity is the problem so I put it in a plastic bag and stuck it in my back pocket during my run. (I don't know if this will help.) It was a little noisy - like I was being chased by a plastic bag, but my phone is still working.

Once I got back home, I hopped on the treadmill for some hillwork. I upped the incline from 6% to 7% for the last half of my eight 10-second hills to make it a little more challenging.

Update: Putting my phone in a smaller pocket the next day took care of the noise. Phew!

Pre-run: Banana bread
Post-run: Chocolate malted milk, banana bread and peanut butter
Today's total run: 5 miles
Shoes: Asics Landreth 4


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