Monday's Slow-Fast-Slow-Fast Run

First, the temperature: about 80 F. degrees. The plan: increase my speed by ten seconds every two miles. But here's how I ran the 8 miles: 9:57, 9:49, 9:33, 9:23, 9:34, 9:44, 9:40, 9:26/mile. Not what I'd planned!

After finding the first half of the run easier than I thought it would be, I changed the plan to: keep the same pace or go faster. I thought I must be getting used to the heat. But then I slowed down and I slowed down some more. Today's average pace was 9:38, an okay average, I just wish I had been able to increase the speed gradually like I had planned. I guess the heat got to me after all.

Pre-run: a couple of pieces of toast with jam and peanut butter
Post-run: strawberry/banana/yogurt/milk smoothie


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