No Sugar Added

I'm not going to sugarcoat this run. It was a hard five mile run at a 9:59/mi pace.

There were three stretches of shade (maybe 1.5 mi. total) and the rest of the way, the sun was shining down on me and hot, hot, hot. I wanted to stop running. Memories of being in the 22nd mile of a marathon came back to me. I focused on the short distances I had left: 3/4 mile, 1/4 mile and then only 1/10 left.

But what helped the most was the music. If it weren't for the voices coming out of my earbuds telling me to have hope, to be brave and that I am blessed and lucky, I might still be out there - ever so slowly walking home.

And that was the last run of my 32 mile week.

Pre-run: Cheerios, milk and 1/2 banana
Post-run: vanilla yogurt and a peach
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 11
Temperature: Around 80 degrees F. (no time to check the heat index) during the run. 85 (feels like 96) an hour after the run. It may reach 101 (heat index of 108) today.


  1. I hate summer running! It makes me sad when a 10-minute/mile effort feels like a 9-minute/mile effort. I suppose it will all pay off.... in October!

  2. Yeah, you're running a half in October. I might do the same thing. Hopefully, it will be cooler by then, too.


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