'Round the Culdesac and Back

When I saw that it was only (!) 76 degrees F. I thought it might not feel too hot out there compared to yesterday. Wrong! Today the sun was shining and it was toasty.

First, I ran a warm-up mile. Next up: speedwork.

Since the distance from my mailbox to one end of my street, around the culdesac and back to my mailbox (where I kept a water bottle and a small towel) is about 3/4 of a mile, that was the length of my intervals today. I did 4 x .75mi. with 8:01, 8:02, 8:07 and 8:25 (can we just throw this one out, please?!) working out to be the pace I ended up doing. I didn't keep my eye on my Garmin today to watch my pace. Looks like it's better when I do.

I was so tired after the speedwork. I really didn't want to run a cool-down, but I made myself do it anyway knowing it was good for me.

Pre-run: banana bread
Post-run: chocolate milk
Total miles run today: 6.11
Shoes: Asics DS Trainers 13


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