Wild Animals in My Yard

I saw a deer looking at me from the side of the road just after I got out on the road for my run this morning. We saw one in our front yard this weekend, too. Deer aren't the only kind of wild animal we saw this weekend.

There's a bird nest in our front yard and we heard some birds making a lot of noise near the tree. We found a venomous cottonmouth snake slithering up towards the nest. My husband caught the snake while I stood by with my cell phone and car keys in my pocket just in case we had to make a quick trip to the emergency room.

I felt pretty good on today's long run, but at the seventh mile, I started feeling a little warm. When I hit the nine mile mark, my whole body felt tired. I was glad that I downloaded some new music last night.

Then at the 9.5 mile mark, I passed a loose, barking dog and it didn't scare me. That's when I started feeling better. The heat didn't seem so bad anymore. I knew I was going to be able to finish the run.

My average pace was 9:42 for today's eleven miler. It was warm out there. The temperature went from 73 - (felt like) 83.

Pre-run: pancake
Post-run: cold banana and chocolate milk


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