Tina's Tempo Run

I didn't feel very confident about this run - three tempo miles with no rest between the miles.

After a couple of warm up miles, I started the three tempo miles. In the first tempo mile, I tried not to go too fast (8:29 ave.) and in the second tempo mile, I tried not to go too slow (8:12 ave.).

The third tempo mile was really hard to finish. At the .77 or .93 mark of that mile (I just remember sevens were involved), I just stopped running. I stopped my Garmin. A few seconds passed. How could I not finish such a short distance? I started running again and finished the mile. I don't think I would have stopped if I had known my pace for that mile (8:07 ave.).

To come up with a goal for today, I added 30-40 seconds to my last 5K race pace. So I needed 8:15 - 8:25 ave. today. My three tempo miles averaged 8:16. : )

Pre-run: fig newton cookies
Post-run: chocolate milk
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 11
Total Miles Today: 5.25


  1. Good job for finishing = )

    I had a run like that...where I just stopped. I didn't think about stopping or plan on stopping. My body just stopped all by itself and I was actually surprised to find myself not running anymore!

    I think it was about mile 7 of what was supposed to be a 10 mile long run and I'd gotten out late and it was VERY hot out.

    I guess my body just said ENOUGH! I tried to run again after walking some but couldn't. I ended up walking to the next water fountain, drinking lots, then walking to the next fountain, drinking, until I'd made it home.

    It was miserable and I live with this lurking fear that one day it will happen again! So I'm very proud of you for finishing = ))

  2. Yes, that's just what I did. Without thinking about it, I just stopped right where I was in the road.

    I've missed reading your running updates on your blog. Thanks for stopping by!


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