Warm-up and Speed-up

How do you warm-up for a race or speedwork? Here's a Running Times warm-up article. Today I tried my own more relaxed and slower version. I ran at marathon pace twice until I got to the fire hydrant or whatever. Then I ran at half marathon pace for a shorter distance twice also. I liked breaking up an easy warm-up with speed, but not too much speed. Maybe next time I'll speed up even more.

After a two mile warm-up, I ran one mile at 8:00/mi. ave. pace and then I ran easy for 1/2 mile. I picked up the speed for one more mile for an average pace of 8:02/mile. I ran about a 1/2 mile cool-down. I'm glad I only had to do two faster miles. Today's five mile run - done!

Pre-run: banana bread
Post-run: fruit smoothie and banana bread
Shoes: Asics DS Trainer 13


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