2009 Freedom 5K Race Report

I finished! It was hot - I think the "feels like" temperature was about 90 degrees, but I'm sure it was hot last year, too, when I finished in 24:01.

The morning started with a two mile warm-up. I ran a mile out and back from the finish line. I was surprised that there were a few short hills on the course, but they weren't too bad. I ran five short striders in the last mile.

The race started and we were off. I didn't have to do too much zig-zagging and my first mile was run at a happy 7:43/mi. pace. I didn't know it then, though. I should have paid attention to my Garmin, but after I saw 8:39 in the first mile, I thought it might be too depressing to know my speed.

I slowed down in the second mile to 8:17. Now I wish I would have kept an eye on my Garmin for extra incentive. The third mile was slower at 8:27, but after the three mile mark (for .14 mile) I sped up to a 6:44/mi. pace. Seeing the finish line helped.

My finishing time was 25:22, but I was hoping for 24:00 or better so I'm disapppointed. After the race I talked to a ten year old who ran the 5K. After asking my finishing time, he told me, "If I'd finished that fast, I'd be celebrating!"

So no PR this time, but I think it's time to celebrate anyway! Happy 4th of July to you! : )


  1. Congrats on such a great time--even if it was off your goal by a bit.

    Thank you for the comments--we are biking and running a good bit-just taking it slow.

    Love your new blog design!

    Happy 4th :o)!

  2. Kate, thank you and I'm glad you like the new look. Have a great vacation!

  3. You done good today hunny. Nex time I'll borrow you my suspenders!

  4. It's all in the perspective!

  5. You should be celebrating! Way to run!!

  6. Where were all the other runners??? There's no one to be seen in your pic...

    Everyone who raced on Saturday morning was off their normal times so you should be proud of your finish time!!

  7. Thanks, Everybody, for your super comments! They inspire me to keep working at it!


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