8 Mile Run vs. Me

The heat nearly did me in today. The "feels like" temperature went from a hot 81 degrees F. to a hotter 91. Or it could have been that Gatorade Endurance I drank before I ran. Normally, I just drink water pre-run. Or it could have been that I was just plain tired. I keep waking up in the middle of the night. I know... I should just exercise more - then I'd sleep better. ; )

So now that you know my sob story... Oh wait, I'm not done. I forgot to mention how much I really wanted to stop running in the third mile, but I didn't. Didn't I just read that our bodies will acclimate after two weeks of summer running? I've been running all summer! And then it happened again in the sixth mile. Still, I didn't give in.

In the seventh mile, since I was nearly walking anyway, I caved in and walked. I shook out my arms and I wiped all of the sweat off my face (with my dripping wet shirt - yuck!). After a couple of minutes, I felt better and I finished the run.

My mile splits were - 9:59, 9:28, 9:43, 9:42, 9:35, 9:53, 10:40, 10:43/mile. and my average pace for my 8 mile run was 9:58/mile. Looks like I should have stopped at 6 miles. Oh well! I'll be back at it again tomorrow.

Pre-run: 3/4 peanut butter and honey sandwich & Gatorade Endurance
Post-run: chocolate malted milk & yogurt topped with strawberries


  1. Running 9 miles in 91 degree heat...last week we tried that with our running group and had to take a ten minute break for water and shade.
    Great job finishing!

  2. Thanks, Meg, that makes me feel better!


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