Avoiding Heatstroke

I just finished a ten mile run. My plan was to run at whatever pace felt comfortable. That's easy to say, but when you're running slower than usual, there's a lot of reminding going on... Just run easy! It's okay if I can't run faster. The only goal is ten miles.

I drank water at mile two, water and Tri-berry Gu (I like it!) at mile four, water again at mile six and then Gatorade at mile eight. There were a couple of planned breaks and one unplanned one at the 9th mile where I needed to walk. The "feels like" temperature was 98*F. when I finished running. So, no wonder!

Maybe I'm still acclimating to the heat. I ran across the article, How to Avoid Heatstroke, in which Gretchen Reynolds wrote that it may take three months for your body to get used to the heat. The article reminded me that I should drink ice cold water to cool down, so I froze my fuel belt bottles last night.

While I was running, I was looking forward to my ice bath. Turns out, summer ice baths are different from winter ones. I had hot cocoa, but next time I'll go with a cold drink. Normally, I like to wrap a towel around my upper body. Not today - too warm!

So there I was in my running shirt and shorts, sitting in the ice bath with my running magazine when I read that some study showed that sitting in an ice-water bath is no better than sitting in a lukewarm bath after a run. That's when I got out!

Doesn't matter - I'd been in there about fifteen minutes anyway. Besides, now I don't have to ice my knees (I like to do this, just in case). I don't need a study to tell me this, though: an ice bath cools you off. It's so hot here that after a shower, you just start sweating again. But not today!

Pre-run: banana bread
Post-run: cocoa & Odwalla banana nut bar (I like it. You might, too, if you like the taste of dates.)


  1. Congrats on a great run! Ice baths are good when the temp is almost 100 degrees :).

  2. Cold or luke warm, they both sound refreshing! That was a great article, thank you so much for sharing.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Kate, thanks! And you're right! After running in the heat, the ice bath was a good thing.

    Meg, glad you liked the article! And happy weekend to you!

  4. I hadn't thought of freezing my fuel belt bottles! Great idea! I did freeze orange G2 and let me just say that orange G2 slush is AWESOME after a hot run.

    As I was reading about your ice bath, I was thinking about that article (I read Runners' World cover to cover, too). Then you mentioned it. I guess I'll stop torturing myself after long runs.

    I'm not sure about all that stuff in the article though-- a lot of it goes against the grain of what has worked for runners for years.

  5. I've never tried an ice bath. The sisters at runningskirts often talk about taking ice baths. It sounds like torture to me. I'm impressed with your 10 mile run, wow!

  6. Runnermom, I'm not sure about all that stuff either. And I maybe/probably/really haven't given up ice baths, either. ; )

    Don't fill your fuel belt bottles too much. It might take too long to thaw. Been there, done that!

    I've never tried G2. Maybe I will sometime.

  7. Hi Brenda! The ice bath really wasn't too bad because I was so hot! An ice bath on a cold winter day - that's another story!


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