Time to change my core exercises - wouldn't want any bored muscles! I found some new exercises at on the Core Conditioning for Runners page and did some this morning.

Then I stepped outside for my run and the first thing I noticed was the humidity - the "feels like" temperature was around 91* F so it felt like stepping into a warm room. I had to remind myself that I had run in the heat before and I haven't fainted yet. I'm easily scared!

After a two mile warm-up, I completed some running drills, like sideways jumping jacks where you move done the driveway while doing the jumping jacks.

Then it was time for my hard run:
17 minute tempo run w/20 steps of walking for recovery
1 min. sprint w/20 steps of walking for recovery
2 min. sprint w/20 steps of walking for recovery

Now, let's not say that I failed at my planned 20 minute tempo run. We'll just say that I'm flexible! ; ) I ran until my body said: stop! And then I tried to complete the 20 minute planned tempo run... Twice!

And now that my hard run is done, I feel great!

Pre-run: 1/2 serving Breakfast Bowl
Post-run: Peach Smoothie

Photo: There's the reason we see so much wildlife - the lake along our back yard. Sometimes you can spot the large eyes of an alligator looking back at you from the water! Mostly, the gators stay in the lake, but once I saw one in a ditch when I was running. Stay in the ditch, please, Gator Buddy! See? Easily scared!


  1. Love the picture, it's so different from our area. Gator?

    Great job on your sprints and listening to your body.
    Is it okay to run in that humidity? The only time I've felt that humidity, I was in Florida and all I wanted to do was jump in a pool.


  2. Yes, gator - as in alligator!

    I think I'll be okay as long as I stop when I need to. My goal: to never faint in the road! So far, so good!

  3. Tina - thanks again. You have great ideas - the ab stuff which I REALLY need, and I liked the info about the drill stuff. I also love the food ideas. I am always looking for "good for you" food ideas.

  4. Tina, I like your'e attitude: you didn't fail at your workout, you were just flexible! I think that's one of the best attitudes we can have as runners --- some days the plan works like it should, and some days it doesn't, but that shouldn't mean giving up, just changing the plan a bit.

    There are no gators up here in Western New York, unless you visit the zoo. If I did see one in the lakes or ponds that I run nearby, I bet I would run faster than I ever have!

  5. Thanks for the link Tina. I really need to do some core conditioning, so I'll try pfitzinger's exercises.

    Speaking of being easily scared. Spotting even a baby alligator in the ditch (or water) would totally freak me out.

  6. Cami, I found a coconut at the grocery store today. I might drink the coconut water tomorrow after my run, if I can get it open!

  7. Ginny and Cami, glad you liked the core exercises link!

    I hope they help us all to become stronger runners!

  8. Thanks for the link!

    LOVE the picture, looks like a beautiful place to live.


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