3 Advantages of a 3 Mile Run

As soon as I started running today my legs felt so tight that I thought I'd have to turn around and go home, but by the 1/4 mile mark, they felt fine. I ran thirty seconds slower per mile than I usually do for easy runs. I think I'm tired after the speedwork I did yesterday. I'll rest my legs tomorrow.

3 advantages of running 3 miles:

1. When you're used to running at least five miles, three sounds easy.
2. You don't drip sweat all over the house after a three mile run.
3. You have more time to blog. ; )

Pre-run: Breakfast Bowl
Post-run: Strawberry Smoothie
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 11

Have a wonderful fourth of July holiday! And if you're racing this weekend, I hope you PR! : )


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