Glisten Workout

I receive workout plans by email from Glisten. Today I did the Abs with Allyson (Allyson Felix, that is) workout. I worked through the exercises three times. The goal is to do each exercise for one minute. A month ago, I could only do 30 seconds of each one, but now I can almost reach the goal - the ab scissors exercise is holding me back.

After that, I ran three miles on the treadmill with four one-hundred meter strides towards the end. The time went by fast with the fan blowing on me and music humming through my earpods. Glad to be running pain-free today!

Pre-exercise: Cheerios with skim milk
Post-exercise: chocolate malted milk and a banana


  1. You know, since May I have been trying to do ab workouts, the same ones everyday...and I look just the same! Maybe these pilates exercises are the key. Thanks!

  2. Meg, you're welcome! These are tough exercises, but I think they're good ones.

  3. Ab scissors is tough for me too, Tina! I'm glad that you are enjoying the workouts and find them useful! I really appreciate that you're a Glisten Subscriber!

  4. What a surprise! Allyson, thanks for stopping by! I really like your Glisten workouts!


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