Hot Running Tip

Today I took a short break midway through my run for a drink and some stretching on my back porch. Last night, I put a wet hand towel in the refrigerator and threw that in my insulated bag with some Gatorade this morning. During my break, I wiped that nice cold towel on my face and wrapped it around my neck while I stretched. I should do that every time.

I had a good eight mile run with the last mile a little faster than the rest. Because of the clouds, it was a fairly easy run today, like it was supposed to be. I kept thinking the clouds would float away, but they stuck around for the whole run. My splits: 9:54, 9:30, 9:23, 9:20, 9:22, 9:24, 9:18, and 8:50/mile.

Pre-run: yogurt topped with strawberries
Post-run: chocolate milk


  1. Great idea about the cold towels! We packed our running and recovery drinks in an ice chest for yesterday's run but I never once thought about cold towels...thanks for the idea!


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