Museum Fun

Yesterday my husband said to me, "Wanna go to the museum?" We hadn't been to the Houston Museum of Natural Science in ages. I was ready to go in two minutes - had to hurry before he changed his mind!

The most interesting sight was the terra cotta warrior exhibit - life-size statues that were made to guard the first emperor of China. Here's a warrior (not a real one) that I found guarding the t-shirts in the gift shop and doing a fine job of it, too.

Now imagine walking through the terra cotta warrior exhibit and seeing a statue in the corner. There aren't any ropes around it and you can actually walk right up to it. You get up close and study the workmanship - all of the details. You're so close that you could even touch this 2,000 year old piece of history. And then... Bam! It moves!

The silent warrior-actor only had to make one small move and then the unsuspecting museum visitor jumped, yelled and laughed. The warrior was very kind after each scare - smiling with a wave or a bow and once he even had a good (but silent!) belly laugh that he just couldn't hold in. Most of the crowd looked like those museum visitors who stand in front of an artifact for ages, taking it all in, but actually we were just waiting for the next good laugh!


  1. That is THE FUNNIEST story...I like watching people get scared but I DON'T like being the victim. That would have really made me jump out of my skin!

    By the way, I LOVE my husband of 22 years...he got me started in running in college but we've already done a marathon together this last June...San Diego Rock and Roll...and it wasn't all it's cracked up to be! Running with your husband, training, long weekend runs, the diets, the whole thing is A LOT of togetherness and it was fun consumes our home life at times!!! Still thinking about the plans...

  2. I'm just lucky that I happened to see the warrior walking back to his corner after a break, more funny than frightening that way!

    Maybe running that 50 mile ultra would be easier than 26.2! ; )

  3. Sounds like a fun time - I recall similar statues entertaining crowds like that in Italy 10 summers ago. What a great way to enjoy a museum!

  4. That's very funny. I would've so screamed too. :)

  5. My husband thinks one part of my post is hilarious - the part where I got ready in two minutes. ; )


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