Not So Bad Speedwork

Today I warmed up for two miles with five 100m sprints and then I started the speedwork. I ran a mile trying to reach 5K pace (shooting for 7:44/mi.), but I was only able to reach 7:57. It was one of those long miles! I ran a half a mile slowly to recover, but maybe I should have recovered a tad bit more because...

I did 4 x 400m next and my first one was kind of slow at 8:15. Wait! I just remembered that I had Garmin trouble with this one. I didn't hear the "start running fast now" beeps. So, no biggy! The next three were better: 7:39, 8:04 and 7:40/mi. I took 200m rests between those 400 meters.

After that I ran 1 1/4 mi. in cool-down mode and that finished up my 6.15 mile run.

I liked this workout. The mile was hard, but the 400m intervals were short and there were only four of them. Too bad I didn't get down to the pace I wanted every time, but maybe actually being in a race will speed me up.

While I was running, I saw a tree down our street that was struck by lightning during a storm last night. With the storm came a bit of a break in the heat and it was a couple of degrees cooler this morning: 76 degrees F.

Pre-run: 1 1/2 packets apple and cinnamon instant oatmeal with raisins added in
Post-run: yogurt and an orange
Photo: last night's dinner - a bit of this and that: lettuce, egg, peas, carrots, tomatoes, almonds, avocados, & oranges


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