Send in the Clouds

Since it was cloudy and the sun wasn't beating down on me as usual, most of my longish nine mile run felt easy today. I saw a heron standing in a large bunch of purple wildflowers. He took off and I tried to stay with him as he flew down the road.

I took a ten minute stretch/drink break at the midway point. I changed into fresh socks and shoes because mine were heavy with sweat. When I started running again, my feet felt good - light and cool with the breeze blowing through the top of my shoes.

The last two miles of my nine miler were the hardest because I was tired, but I didn't want to slow down. My music helped. I focused on good running form, too. Run tall! No slouching! Arms pump the legs! No mouthing the words to the songs! Don't bob your head with the music, either! All of my energy had to go to my legs. Happily, I kept a steady pace - averaging 9:27/mile for the whole run.

I should add that on most days, I don't sing and dance in the middle of the street. ; )

Pre-run: yogurt with blueberries
Post-run: chocolate milk and a beef/bean/cheese burrito (hungry!)


  1. Sounds like a great day!

  2. Hope you have a good 12 miler tomorrow, too!

  3. You raced a heron!

    Sounds like you had a great run...I saw that the weather had changed for you yesterday...cooler I think!

    I think I always bob my head if and when I listen to music(like yesterday)...I guess that must look funny!
    Happy Friday,

  4. Yes, I raced a heron!

    It is cooler here - only about 80 this AM. And we've even gotten some rain. Our grass is greening up and our plants and trees aren't quite so thirsty now.

    Thanks for the laughs!

    Happy Friday to you, too!

  5. Oh Tina, I wish I could send you the clouds over here -cuz sure as heck I'm sick of them. Great job on the run! :)

  6. Good work, Tina! I rely on my music during longer runs, too, especially to keep my pace and form. When I get too tired, I tend to start leaning forward which leads to breathing issues and bruised toes (ouch). Racing a heron is really neat, too --- we have large blue herons here and small green ones. They are beautiful, but if you ever watch them stalk and eat fish, it's a little uncomfortable. They may be pretty, but they are lethal too!

  7. Meg, oops, I left out my LOL's. That would be after you said I raced that heron and the thought of you bobbing down the street!!!

    Cami, we're getting a little bit of rain right now!

    Erin, I've only seen the herons with frogs hanging out of their mouths, but since frogs have an annoying habit of making a lot of noise at night, I don't mind! Enjoyed your 4 mile race-that-wasn't-supposed-to-be-a-race report!

  8. Thanks, Tina! I'm glad someone else found my race report amusing. I'm also glad that the herons around my area only seem to hunt for fish --- their hunt for frogs would be far too disturbing to watch! Also...I have to say, I loved your post title --- "Send in the Clouds", reminds me of the song my parents listened to when I was younger, "Send in the Clowns." Thanks for the reference!

  9. LOL! Then you won't want to read my posts labeled "videos" or "nature" because we have something scarier than that here - snakes!

    I heard that song when I was a little girl, too, and liked the play on the words: clouds for clowns. Glad you mentioned it!


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