Seven Mile Run

I had a good seven mile run this morning. I took a five minute break after running four miles to drink and stretch in the shade on my back porch - nice because it was so hot. I never needed to walk today, like Friday, and my average pace was 9:48/mile. Thanks to Meg who mentioned running breaks and reminded me of that summer survival tip!

Pre-run: Breakfast Bowl
Post-run: Blueberry smoothie
Animals I saw on the run: 2 horses, 1 rabbit, 1 dark red Cardinal


  1. That was so funny that you mentioned the break! Yesterday, in ELfin Forest, it was about 90 degrees and my husband was NOT happy plugging along, sweating it out. I could just feel "the vibe." We actually stopped in a gorgeous shady spot, had some water and took a look around...almost appreciating the summer for what it is. So happy you had fun too!

    Trying the sweet potato chips tonight, thanks!

  2. Phew! Stay cool--running in the summer is definitely more difficult. That's a great pace though!

  3. Taking it easy is better than toughing it out on those days when the heat just zaps you... I'm learning! : )


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