Skip the Ice Bath?

Do you take ice baths after long runs? I usually do, but I skipped one after a fifteen miler last year - it was Christmas Day and who wants to suffer on Christmas Day? Turns out, I was fine - no muscle soreness, but maybe I had built my mileage up enough that a fifteen miler wasn't enough to make me sore.

I read at that only elite runners really need ice baths because the rest of us don't build up enough lactic acid - that most of us can just stretch and take an anti-inflammatory, but I don't know. Maybe I'll have to do some experimenting when I start upping my mileage for the Houston Marathon next January - only 186 days away!

This morning I did the half hour abs workout I wrote about last week. Then I had a good 'n easy five mile run. At 6:15, I was out on the road. There were clouds in front of the rising sun in the first half and the new songs on my MP3 player kept me happy in the second half.


  1. I have a love/hate thing with ice baths. I do believe in them but they are so HARD to endure!

    I'm still working on the abs...going to give those new ones a month!

  2. I've never been brave enough for an ice bath! And I'm certainly no elite athlete, so maybe it's just as well. :) My massage therapist says I have very little lactic acid buildup in my legs, but I half think that's all hoodoo anyway (but the massage certainly does feel good!). Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way, hope you make it back to Washington again sometime!

  3. OK, we're 50/50 now. Thanks, Meg and Kristin, for chiming in!

  4. I do like to take an ice bath after a long run--though I am in NO way an elite athlete. I definitely think they help refresh my legs.

    Massages help too, though I don't treat myself as often as I'd like (I do use a foam roller often).

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Always nice to meet a fellow runner!

  5. Uh, oh! Now we're leaning towards the ice bath - not so good!

    Holly, maybe I should try one of those foam rollers. I heard I could just use my rolling pin - don't know, though. Thanks for stopping by!


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