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My goal was to run 5 x 4 minutes with one minute rests. I got the idea for the workout from the Tempo Running Tips to Boost Your Speed article by John Hank at Active.com. After a warm-up, I ran at a pace that felt like an 8 on a scale of 1 - 10 and it worked out to be an 8:30 pace, so that was my goal for the rest of the workout.

Somewhere towards the end of the run, a message popped up on my Garmin, "Delete some old workouts now". So I stopped, deleted some old workouts and pushed 'start'. Or was it 'lap'? My Garmin beeped and I started running again. Those 4 minutes felt especially long, but don't they all? Turns out, I ran an extra one of those four minute legs and it really was too long, but I stayed close to my goal pace - so, no big deal!

Today's workout: 4 min. @ 8:28, 8:35, 8:25, 8:30, 8:22 and then 4:52 minutes @ 8:34/mi. pace
Total Miles Run: 6
Post-run: a delicious peach smoothie


  1. Those Garmins are so nasty some times! I've actually had mine turn off for ten minutes and then restart when it stopped. Just out of the blue.

    Yumm on the the smoothie.

  2. Great work with the tempo run! My track coach firmly believes that the tempo workout is key to improving your speed in any length of race. I'm still trying to master it myself, though!

    I second the "yum" on the smoothie. It sounds like it was tasty!

  3. Good job!! This sounds like a much more enjoyable way to run tempo pace rather than just straight miles, one after another, with no rest in between. Think I'll try that next!

  4. I get the glisten workouts, too but I haven't tried them yet because I haven't had time with all the running. Seems like a good way to change things up!

  5. Meg, my Garmin - love it, mostly, but sometimes... Don't get me started!

    Erin and Pony, starting short and working up to a longer tempo run. Hope it works!

    Denise, good luck on your ultra! Maybe after that you'll have a little more free time.


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