Time to Retire the Trainers

I woke up and did 35 minutes of strength training: chair dips, swiss ball exercises, weight lifting, etc. so I was sweating even before I went outside for a run where the 'feels like' temperature was 88. The clouds helped, though.

It was a good run until the 3.64 mile point when my left shin started hurting so I walked home. I'm icing my shin now. I had run at a 9:38/mi. average with my splits being 10:02, 9:30, 9:28, 9:31.

My other shin hurt Saturday afternoon (after the 5K race), but was better by that evening. Today the right shin didn't hurt at all. I wonder if it was the shoes I was wearing - that it's time to retire my Asics DS Trainers with 372 miles on them. My previous DS Trainers had to be retired at 377 miles because they felt flat when I ran.

Pre-exercise: banana
Post-exercise: open-faced peanut butter and raisin sandwich & skim milk


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