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8.75 Miles

After a warm-up, I ran 4 x 1 mile with two minute rests. Those were hard, but at least there were only four of them. After that, I ran 4 x 0.25 miles and then a cool-down run. It was a hard workout, but it went by quickly.

I was going to run 9 miles, but the top of my foot hurt so I cut my run short. Fortunately, I was on my street near my house and my foot is fine now.

My mp3 player worked today, but when it wouldn't turn on last week, I learned that I can run 14 miles without it on the road and 5 miles without it on the treadmill. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it was fine.

14 Mile Run

I tried to run thirteen miles last Friday, but the heat was too much for me. That's okay - today I ran fourteen miles (9:56/mi. ave. pace)!

It only got up to a feels-like temperature of 86* today which made the run easier. I changed what I ate and drank today. I drank Gatorade every two miles except at miles 4 and 8 when I had water and gels. I always had extra water with me, just in case. My pace started to slow a few times and I wondered if the heat was getting to me and if I needed to stop, but since I was able to pick up the pace again, I knew I was okay. I learned some lessons after last week's long run!

Pre-run: English muffin w/ PB & honey
Post-run: peach smoothie and an ice bath while reading an interesting essay about America, history and politics, of all things!

9 Miles

I ran 6 miles on the road at a steady pace that averaged 9:49. The clouds at the end of the run were a nice change.

Then I headed inside for three miles on the treadmill. The last mile was difficult - I took it a quarter mile at a time. My splits on the treadmill: 9:09, 8:32 and 8:09. It was a good run.

Pre-run: 3/4 PB & Oats
During: Gatorade & water
Post-run: 1/4 PB & Oats

Part Treadmill, Part Road Run

The first half of today's run was a hot and humid one outside. After a two mile warm up at 10:31/mi. pace, my goal was to run 800's at 9:30/mi., but I only reached 9:41 and 9:45/mile for the first two 800's. I wondered if it was the just the heat slowing me down.

So after four miles, I finished my run in my air conditioned house. My pace for the last four 800's was 9:09, 8:32, 8:32 and 8:09. I finished with a 10:00/mile. I had a good eight mile run today - felt good the whole time.

Pre-run: 1/2 PB & J sandwich
During run: Powerbar electrolyte drink
Post-run: chocolate milk

Long, Hot Run

I wanted to run 13 miles today (Or even 13.1 just for fun!), but it was too hot. I took some planned and unplanned breaks, but it's hard to run in 80-99 degrees.

The first 8 miles were fine, but I had to stop at 12.15 miles. Sick to my stomach and feeling faint, I felt better after sitting in some shade and fine once I made it home, but this was one of my hardest runs ever. 10:36 ave. pace today.

I tried to run in the shade more today - running up and down a 1/2 mile long shady street. I thought that would help, but it just wasn't enough. I weighed myself when I woke up and after the run. I lost 4 pounds - not good. Fortunately, I took twice as much water as I usually drink for the last three miles, but I was out of water when I came to a stop - not good.

So, my run was a little tough, but I hope your weekend runs and races are good ones. I look forward to reading about them! Oh, if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to share. I'm listening!

Pre-run: 1/2 PB & J sandwich…

Wednesday WO

Those are my new Asics DS Trainer 14s. I tried them on and they felt different from my 13s. Uh-oh! I checked online and other runners found them bigger (like I did) and more like the Landreths. I'm running in Landreths now and I don't want to be. (I had to break them in - not good.) So they'll go back and I've ordered some Asics 1140s - wore those a couple of years ago. Good thing there's free shipping both ways at Running Warehouse.

Today I ran a two mile warmup and then did drills on my driveway. Then I ran 25 minutes - starting out at 9:30/mi. and speeding up. Then I hopped on the treadmill for hills: 2 x (300m, 200m, 100m with equal distance rests) with a 3 min rest between the sets. I did the first set at 5% incline. That was hard, but by the time I got to the second set, I was able to go with 6% incline. I kept the speed at 5mph up the hills. Those 300m hills were long!

Pre-run: 1/2 egg and cheese sandwich & water - I usually drink water, but don't writ…

5 Miles w/Sprints

Today I ran an easy run with some sprints:

3 x (3 x 30m sprints w/30 second rests) w/3 min rests between sets

The sprints took me about 1 1/3 miles to complete. I put this workout on my Garmin so that all I had to do was listen to the beeps and try not to get mixed up with the rests and sprints. I did do a couple of extra sprints (oops!), but 30 meters is only about 0.02 mile, about twenty steps, so no biggie!

Pre-run: core workout and PB & Oats
Post-run: stretching and chocolate malted milk

Gotta run now!

8 Miles w/Speed

After I ate half a PB & J sandwich and drank some Gatorade (hoping this would make my hot run easier), I ran a 1 1/2 mile warmup and did running drills.

Then came the part that I looked forward to, but was scared of, too: 4 x 1 mile w/2 min. rest. My goal was 8:10/mi. pace (1/2 marathon goal pace for a 1:45 finish, which would be a 5 minute 57 second PR). My times were: 8:25 (Just beat 8:25 next time.), 8:12 (Did I really do that?!), 8:22 (That's okay, 10 weeks 'til the 1/2 marathon.), and 8:07 (Happiness!). I reached the goal once - almost twice. : )

As I ran the last and super-extra long 1/2 mile of the last mile, I tried to pass as many landmarks as possible, rather than hope to finish ASAP, like usual. I thought, I want/need to pass that house and the next one and the next one and the flowers and the hydrant and that corner, always looking to the next place to pass.
After a walk/slow run break, it was time for 4 x 1/4 mile fast w/2 min. rest. Normally, after 4 x 1 miles, …

Happy Friday!

I ran seven miles today at 9:39/mi. ave. By the second mile, I felt like I was gliding along like an ice skater. If you saw me and I wasn't really gliding, don't burst my bubble, please. ; )

There were pink and purple wildflowers along the road. It was 76*, but it didn't feel as humid as usual. I couldn't even squeeze a drop of sweat out of my Balega socks after my run.

Last week I ran 36 miles. My cut-back week is nearly over. I'm looking forward to increasing my miles to maybe/hopefully 38 miles next week. : )

Pre-run: English muffin with honey & Gatorade
During run: Gatorade
Post-run: tuna and crackers, peach Photo: my running route in my neighborhood

I hope you have a great run this weekend!

Breezy Treadmill Run

Today I ran five miles. The end!

No, not really! There's a little more to the story. I didn't feel like exercising today. And this is my recovery week. And I felt like I should be able to do whatever I want. But I didn't want to do anything.

So I ignored my feelings and started exercising. I did five different exercises to strengthen my core. Then I kept checking the time. Has it been 15 minutes yet? Because I think that's long enough today.

Then I ran on the treadmill. Just take it one mile at a time. The fan was blowing on my face and I didn't even sweat until the second mile. And I felt better. I wanted to run.

Then I increased the speed for two miles. After a half mile of that, I increased the speed some more, but I had to slow down when I had visions of myself flying off the back of the treadmill. I finished those fast two miles with that faster speed I tried earlier. No problem this time. Happiness! (I used this Pace Conversion Chart to figure out my treadmill p…

Balega Socks

Watch out, Survivor Man! Here comes Survivor Runner! Imagine that I'm running along and I'm out of water. My fuel belt bottles are dry as dust.

No problem! I'm wearing my Enduro Lady Balega Sports socks and I have run 7 miles on a hot day. All I have to do is wring my socks out.

Here's the deal... Last week, after running 7 miles, I noticed that my socks felt really heavy when I took them off. I wrung out a whole ounce (two tablespoons) of sweat from one sock. The same thing happened after an 11 mile run. I've never seen that before. So that's my running hydration tip for the day and I really hope nobody ever has to use it!

I was hoping new socks would solve a couple of little problems I've had lately. Unfortunately, after the 11 mile run, my toes were still wrinkled like raisins and after both 7 and 11 mile runs, I had tiny blisters on a couple of my toes.

I like these socks, though. I like how silky soft they are on the inside and their seamless toe. One day,…

Rainy Run

I had just started my seventh mile when it started to rain - hard. It cooled me down. I just wished I had worn my hat like I did the last three times I ran. My eyes were bloodshot right after the run. I must have rubbed them too much trying to see the road ahead and watch out for headlights. I ran eight miles today (9:37 ave) with two miles in mostly heavy rain. I liked the rain, but next time, I'll need a hat.

Later I found a good deal at Ross - $23 Nike running pants (down from $65). When the cashier rang them up, she saw the $23 price tag and said, "Too much!" and at the same time, I said, "Good price!" We laughed. I asked if she wanted to lower the price. She laughed again. Oh, well! Still, I don't think she treasures Dri-fit running pants with a zippered pocket large enough for gel and a cell phone in quite the same way that I do!

Bring on the cold weather!

Why Run?

Today's run started out good, got a little bit hard, but then improved towards the end. At mile five, I came up with today's post title: Eleven Easy Miles. I know... Where do I come up with all of this creativity?! Neighbors waved and smiled. Drivers politely slowed as they passed. Birds sang.

In the eighth mile, I wanted to revise my post title. It was hot. I slowed down. Running was hard. I didn't want to do anything hard after all. Last night? Yes. Right then? Not so much.
Then I saw a loose dog standing beside the road. It was a nice dog and I tried to see if there was a phone number on its tag, but it wouldn't let me get close enough.

Well, that was all the distraction that I needed. I picked up my pace and those quitter thoughts were gone.

And I started thinking... Why do I run?
Because of the breeze I feel on my entire body as I run down the road. Because I like to make my body work hard. Because it feels good to do something I didn't think I could do. Beca…

Seven Mile Run

After eating some graham crackers spread with peanut butter and doing some core exercises, I did a few drills up and down the driveway. They warmed me up, but next time, I'll do them after some easy running. My legs don't like skipping first thing in the morning.

After drinking some Gatorade (and every two miles, too), I ran a couple of warm-up miles while coming up with today's plan: to run faster than I would on a recovery run, but for longer than I would doing speed work. And, most importantly, not to run so hard that I ended up stopping smack-dab in the middle of the road when my body said, "No more!".

So I ran the next four miles at a 9:06 average, which made me happy. Then I ran a cool-down mile - speeding up a bit in the end just because I was looking forward to some cold chocolate malted milk. After that, I got in a good stretching session.

Hope you get a good run in today, too!

Running in August

It was only 77*F, but I was still dragging on my five mile run this morning. I saw another runner and started running with her and then the running felt easier. Funny how that works!

August is the month I started running again after a long, long break. I started running in my denim shorts and cotton t-shirt with some regular ol' tennis shoes - didn't want to waste any money if I was going to give up in a week or two. Now, six years later, I've got drymax this and drymax that. I guess I'll make it through this August, too!

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, no matter what the temperature is!

Cute Critters!

Look at what I found today! They were near the lake that our yard backs up to. My guess is that they're rabbits, but they were so tiny - maybe three inches long. I even saw an alligator in the lake, too. Lots of exciting wildlife today!

I ran eight miles this morning which included two fast half miles separated by four minutes of recovery rest. The first half mile wasn't too tough because I wasn't tired yet. Pace - 7:40/mile.

My goal was to run the second half mile all-out and faster. A half mile just isn't very far to have to run all-out and it was only my second one so I was able to pick up the pace. Pace - 7:21/mile.

Another option is to do the same workout, but with a 15 minute rest between the half miles. Since it's so hot, it was a nice break to only run two half miles fast today.


My husband just caught a venomous cotton mouth snake in our back yard beside the lake. I'll spare you the photos because it was an ugly, fat snake and I don't want to scare anybody away.

But have you seen this video I took of my hubby catching a snake? The video is kinda funny. : )

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