5 Miles w/Sprints

Today I ran an easy run with some sprints:

3 x (3 x 30m sprints w/30 second rests) w/3 min rests between sets

The sprints took me about 1 1/3 miles to complete. I put this workout on my Garmin so that all I had to do was listen to the beeps and try not to get mixed up with the rests and sprints. I did do a couple of extra sprints (oops!), but 30 meters is only about 0.02 mile, about twenty steps, so no biggie!

Pre-run: core workout and PB & Oats
Post-run: stretching and chocolate malted milk

Gotta run now!


  1. Yikes, Tina, you scare me! :-) You are SO GOOD about structuring your workouts. I am a little envious as I chafe at the idea of too much workout structure. Planning for me is mostly a long run on the weekends with some good climbing, a couple of short tempo-ish runs, and a medium length run with some hard surges (if I feel like it!). Ha, ha! Keep up the great work!

  2. I wish I could control my Garmin and use it constructively for workouts like yours! Sometimes I just get too confused...

  3. K, I like planning out my runs and having some short term goals. Never thought much about it before! Your workout week sounds like you have everything you need. Perfect! : )

    Meg, there's stuff on my Garmin I never use, but putting workouts on the Garmin is surprisingly easy. I was scared to try it for about two years, though! ; )

  4. *sigh*...I just wish I had a Garmin!

    Keep up the good work, Tina!

  5. My Garmin doesn't like me if I try to ask it to do something else besides distance and time...LOL. Congrats on controlling your Garmin and your workout.


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