9 Miles

I ran 6 miles on the road at a steady pace that averaged 9:49. The clouds at the end of the run were a nice change.

Then I headed inside for three miles on the treadmill. The last mile was difficult - I took it a quarter mile at a time. My splits on the treadmill: 9:09, 8:32 and 8:09. It was a good run.

Pre-run: 3/4 PB & Oats
During: Gatorade & water
Post-run: 1/4 PB & Oats


  1. I am reading about this in Hal Higdon's Marathon book. He advises for novice runners to start doing this after their first marathon. I can def. see how it will/could improve my time. I can't seem to get lower than 10.5 min. miles...
    I am so impressed with how you keep it up!


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