Balega Socks

Watch out, Survivor Man! Here comes Survivor Runner! Imagine that I'm running along and I'm out of water. My fuel belt bottles are dry as dust.

No problem! I'm wearing my Enduro Lady Balega Sports socks and I have run 7 miles on a hot day. All I have to do is wring my socks out.

Here's the deal... Last week, after running 7 miles, I noticed that my socks felt really heavy when I took them off. I wrung out a whole ounce (two tablespoons) of sweat from one sock. The same thing happened after an 11 mile run. I've never seen that before. So that's my running hydration tip for the day and I really hope nobody ever has to use it!

I was hoping new socks would solve a couple of little problems I've had lately. Unfortunately, after the 11 mile run, my toes were still wrinkled like raisins and after both 7 and 11 mile runs, I had tiny blisters on a couple of my toes.

I like these socks, though. I like how silky soft they are on the inside and their seamless toe. One day, I noticed that my feet felt cooler than usual. I felt the air flowing through my shoes and over the top of my feet. Gotta like that! I found my socks at Running Warehouse for $8.

And in case, you're wondering... I came up with this handy-dandy running hydration tip after running 11 miles when the temperature reached 94* (Friday) - solid proof that running really is a good time for figuring things out! ; )


  1. I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee and I must ask...was it a selling point when you bought these socks that you could actually "drink" your sweat if you ran out of water????!!!! Eeew. I might need to go back to bed! I've never heard of these socks. Where did you get them?
    Thanks for the giggle.

  2. I bought them at I added that to my post - good question!

    ...My own idea. Yeah, I surprise myself! ; )

    (I added that after reading your comment, too.)

    I wonder what you wear on your long runs...

  3. Are you joking about asking me what I wear on my long runs? I ask this because last night I saw that every picture ever taken of me on my long runs is the same! White Nike top and green shorts. I REALLY do have other clothes but I'm usually half asleep when I get dressed and don't ever think about it. Braiding my hair is all I can handle.

  4. You just keep me laughing, Meg! Your socks! What socks do you wear on your long runs?!!!

    But you braid your hair? It must be long. : )

  5. Ladies - I have another brand that you must try. I was a passionate Balego sock girl until Jan. of this year. I picked up some Dry Max socks at the Houston Marathon Expo. I prefer these. So far they seem to last longer, and when my shoes start sloshing from sweat, the softness of the balego is a little much for me. Give the Dry Max a try if you come across any.

  6. Ginny, that's good info! Thanks!

  7. ok, so I must be totally cheap, because I wear either nike or adidas performance running socks I bought at for about 11 bucks -wait, that's the price I paid for a 3-pack! So, I'm sure the balegas feel as good as they look, but unles they also come free reflexology, I'm not going to pay 8 bucks for one pair. :)

  8. I've got bunches of good cheap socks, too, but lately when I put my blistered feet up where you can get a good look at them, I scare people!!!

  9. Anonymous8/12/2009

    I run in those socks too... In fact, that's all I've been running in for about 10 months now. I really like them.

  10. Ok, I am a Balega and Dry Max sock girl. They are all I run in. I use Balega's Trailbuster sock and the Dry Max 1/4 Trail sock. They are both awesome. The Dry Max is very dense and cushiony. Both are super comfy! Running Warehouse is where I usually find them, too.
    K :-)

  11. Oh yeah, almost forgot - I wear the Dry Max in my ice baths - they keep my feet "warm" - no blue, freezing toes!!! :-) Funny how that works!

  12. Socks in the ice bath? That's one I've never thought of! Thanks, Kathleen!


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