Cute Critters!

Look at what I found today! They were near the lake that our yard backs up to. My guess is that they're rabbits, but they were so tiny - maybe three inches long. I even saw an alligator in the lake, too. Lots of exciting wildlife today!

I ran eight miles this morning which included two fast half miles separated by four minutes of recovery rest. The first half mile wasn't too tough because I wasn't tired yet. Pace - 7:40/mile.

My goal was to run the second half mile all-out and faster. A half mile just isn't very far to have to run all-out and it was only my second one so I was able to pick up the pace. Pace - 7:21/mile.

Another option is to do the same workout, but with a 15 minute rest between the half miles. Since it's so hot, it was a nice break to only run two half miles fast today.


  1. Nice run, fast! Is it cooling down yet?

    LOVE those rabbits, much more than the snake and gators. CUTE!


  2. How funny! I just left a comment on your blog, too!

    So even though you garden, you still like rabbits. That's good!

  3. And it was cooler this morning! The feels like temperature went from 82-88. That's much better than it was Friday when the feels like temp got up to 98.

  4. Ha, ha, here I am again too...what earthquake? Today?
    Glad it's cooler. Just me a lot of teachers on Sat. and Sunday from Austin and they were so happy to be visting San Diego!

  5. The Baja earthquake! Just a few hours ago. Guess you didn't feel it! : )

  6. NO! Thanks for telling me! We were having a new garage door installed so maybe I was confused by all of the noise and my house shaking!

  7. Oh how funny... my mom just called me around 6pm San Diego time to ask if we felt the earthquake. We did not. Not sure what we were doing at the time. Hey, does Meg live in San Diego? I'm going now to check out her blog. :)

    Oh wait, I wanted to comment on your run. Going all-out for half a mile sounds really difficult for me! I ran the college track Sat. Easy for 1 mile, then ran all-out on the straightaways and easy on the curves. I continued that for a mile, then ran another easy mile. Felt good. I'm sure I'm much older than you, and I know I'm much slower. HaHa!

  8. That sounds like a good workout!

    You sure don't look any older than I am! And I don't normally run at that pace - it must have been that peanut butter I ate for breakfast!

    Okay, you can visit Meg's blog, but only if you come back to mine! ; )

  9. So cute!

    Fast pace!!


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