Happy Friday!

I ran seven miles today at 9:39/mi. ave. By the second mile, I felt like I was gliding along like an ice skater. If you saw me and I wasn't really gliding, don't burst my bubble, please. ; )

There were pink and purple wildflowers along the road. It was 76*, but it didn't feel as humid as usual. I couldn't even squeeze a drop of sweat out of my Balega socks after my run.

Last week I ran 36 miles. My cut-back week is nearly over. I'm looking forward to increasing my miles to maybe/hopefully 38 miles next week. : )

Pre-run: English muffin with honey & Gatorade
During run: Gatorade
Post-run: tuna and crackers, peach
Photo: my running route in my neighborhood

I hope you have a great run this weekend!


  1. Tina, I love your blog! I am so impressed that you are so close to qualifying for Boston! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

    I eventually want to work on qualifying for Boston, but I am just not there yet. For my next marathon, I am going to work on finishing in under four hours, which will be tough!

    Happy Running!

  2. Keri, I'm so glad you left a comment. I like meeting new bloggy/running friends! Can't wait to go visit your blog, too!

  3. I had a similar run this morning. I ran 8 miles easy. I ran later in the morning to prep for the Tupelo marathon, nice run. Glad to know our hard weeks are together. I am attempting my first ever 55 mile week next week.

  4. I saw you Tina, while you were running, not only were you gliding but you were fast too! Great job today, it's funny how this mileage just keeps increasing!
    Beautiful neighborhood!

  5. Wow, Ginny, your first 55! That's exciting!

    Meg, you got me for a second!!! I read "I saw you, Tina" and I thought someone in my neighborhood found my blog! Funny!

  6. Tina, you'll soon be on your way to Boston!

    I love that you have so many trees in your area -it's a great neighborhood.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement, Cami!

    That street with all of those trees is one of my favorite parts of our neighborhood - especially on a hot day!

  8. Hi Tina,

    I just wear the first socks I pull out of my drawer but most of them are Adidas socks or from THE SOCK GUY on line...but we get them as "give aways" at our club run...they have funny designs or pix on them.


  9. Oh, okay, thanks, Meg! I'm going to try Drymax socks. My long runs are bothering my feet a little.

  10. Hi Tina - Your neighborhood looks beautiful - very peaceful - I bet it is wonderful in the early mornings.
    Definitely try the Dry Max socks - I love them!

  11. I'm feeling wiped out after a busy week and 30 miles. Can't imagine running almost 40 or more.

    Looks like a beautiful place to run.

  12. Don't you just love those kinds of runs!?!!! That's awesome that you felt so great!
    Love the view in n'hood!


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