Rainy Run

I had just started my seventh mile when it started to rain - hard. It cooled me down. I just wished I had worn my hat like I did the last three times I ran. My eyes were bloodshot right after the run. I must have rubbed them too much trying to see the road ahead and watch out for headlights. I ran eight miles today (9:37 ave) with two miles in mostly heavy rain. I liked the rain, but next time, I'll need a hat.

Later I found a good deal at Ross - $23 Nike running pants (down from $65). When the cashier rang them up, she saw the $23 price tag and said, "Too much!" and at the same time, I said, "Good price!" We laughed. I asked if she wanted to lower the price. She laughed again. Oh, well! Still, I don't think she treasures Dri-fit running pants with a zippered pocket large enough for gel and a cell phone in quite the same way that I do!

Bring on the cold weather!


  1. Wow, you scored on the Nike pants, little did she know how great that deal was!

    Sorry about your eyes, stay dry!

  2. What a steal!! Thanks for the happy anniversary wishes--hope you had a great weekend :o).

    I'm ready for the cold weather too.

  3. I looked in my running journal to see when it got cold last year - November 21. Hmmm... Maybe I should put a cold weather countdown in my sidebar. : )


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