Running in August

It was only 77*F, but I was still dragging on my five mile run this morning. I saw another runner and started running with her and then the running felt easier. Funny how that works!

August is the month I started running again after a long, long break. I started running in my denim shorts and cotton t-shirt with some regular ol' tennis shoes - didn't want to waste any money if I was going to give up in a week or two. Now, six years later, I've got drymax this and drymax that. I guess I'll make it through this August, too!

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, no matter what the temperature is!


  1. So August is sort of your anniversary month for running? Congrats!

    My husband, Steve, and I were so tired yesterday after Sunday's long trail run but you know, after getting together with over 150 runners last night at our Monday group and filling the streets...suddenly I was spunky enough to do four miles. Weird...I was stiff and sore no more. I definitely think companionship is the key.Glad your run improved as you went on!

  2. Oh, you changed your pic. I like it!

    Yes, six years of running!

    What a huge running group and on a weekday! That would inspire me, too!

  3. Hi Tina! I had a rough run last night too...seems like sometimes it is just like that. Thanks for your encouraging comment - it really cheered me up and got me thinking positively again!

  4. Rachel, I'm glad you're feeling better! : )

    Sure liked your post about your husband biking all over your neighborhood to find you and to encourage you on your run!


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