Seven Mile Run

After eating some graham crackers spread with peanut butter and doing some core exercises, I did a few drills up and down the driveway. They warmed me up, but next time, I'll do them after some easy running. My legs don't like skipping first thing in the morning.

After drinking some Gatorade (and every two miles, too), I ran a couple of warm-up miles while coming up with today's plan: to run faster than I would on a recovery run, but for longer than I would doing speed work. And, most importantly, not to run so hard that I ended up stopping smack-dab in the middle of the road when my body said, "No more!".

So I ran the next four miles at a 9:06 average, which made me happy. Then I ran a cool-down mile - speeding up a bit in the end just because I was looking forward to some cold chocolate malted milk. After that, I got in a good stretching session.

Hope you get a good run in today, too!


  1. Is that chocolate malted milk from a powder mix? It looks so good and beats the $3.00 bottle from the store that we bought last weekend after our long run!
    Eek, $6.00 for two chocolate milks!

    Hill repeats, yeah!

  2. Yes, it's a powder mix I buy from Walmart - a 13 oz. bottle costs me $3. That was some pricey chocolate milk you bought. I'm thinking you went to Beverly Hills to buy it!

    Have a great hill workout!

  3. Meg, just came from your blog... Don't do hills today. Just rest!!!

  4. Thanks Tina, NO HILLS, I know. I DO need the reminder, thanks for taking care of me!

  5. Mmmm, that chocolate malted milk sounds yummy.

    Yesterday I ran the road to the lighthouse near my house which is a little hilly. It's about a 4 mile run and the hills make it more challenging which I like. Not sure what the temp was but I'm guessing around 75-80 and unusually humid. By the time I finished, I was completely drenched like I had just jumped into a pool. It made me laugh and felt so good. LOVE RUNNING!

  6. That sounds like a great place to run - hills and a light house! It's fun to hear about all of the different places other people run.

    I was drenched today. I had to wring out my socks after today's run!

  7. Have you tried Ovaltine? That's what I drink occasionally, I'll have to compare them next time I'm at Wally World. If I'm drinking chocolate milk, I use the Ovaltine. If I make a protein shake, I just use Cocoa Powder.

    Nice run!

  8. No, I haven't tried Ovaltine, but I thought about it the last time I bought the malted milk. I decided to stick with what I knew I liked, though. Maybe I should try it next time.


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