My husband just caught a venomous cotton mouth snake in our back yard beside the lake. I'll spare you the photos because it was an ugly, fat snake and I don't want to scare anybody away.

But have you seen this video I took of my hubby catching a snake? The video is kinda funny. : )

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  1. I need a picture! I had a big black snake in my back yard and there is a field with a pond right behind my property!

  2. Holy cow! I just watched the video. You guys are brave! I'm a big scaredy cat when it comes to snakes. It looks so beautiful where you live.

  3. Hi Runnermom! I'm hoping you saw a harmless water snake. They may be scary looking, but they probably eat critters you don't want hanging around your house. : )

    Oh, no! Am I giving out snake advice?! Now that... is kind of scary!!!

  4. My husband is brave - yes! I am not!!!

    Yes, this is a wonderful place to live! : )


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