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Those are my new Asics DS Trainer 14s. I tried them on and they felt different from my 13s. Uh-oh! I checked online and other runners found them bigger (like I did) and more like the Landreths. I'm running in Landreths now and I don't want to be. (I had to break them in - not good.) So they'll go back and I've ordered some Asics 1140s - wore those a couple of years ago. Good thing there's free shipping both ways at Running Warehouse.

Today I ran a two mile warmup and then did drills on my driveway. Then I ran 25 minutes - starting out at 9:30/mi. and speeding up. Then I hopped on the treadmill for hills: 2 x (300m, 200m, 100m with equal distance rests) with a 3 min rest between the sets. I did the first set at 5% incline. That was hard, but by the time I got to the second set, I was able to go with 6% incline. I kept the speed at 5mph up the hills. Those 300m hills were long!

Pre-run: 1/2 egg and cheese sandwich & water - I usually drink water, but don't write it down
During run: water
Post-run: chocolate malted milk (Tried Ovaltine chocolate malt mix this time - more chocolate flavor, but less malt flavor than Carnation's chocolate malted milk powder.)


  1. Looks like you had a great workout. Sorry if you didn't like the Ovaltine. I prefer it because it has a little more nutritional value. I haven't tried the Carnation.

  2. Hi Ginny! I noticed that Ovaltine has vitamins in it. Carnation doesn't. Ovaltine makes a rich tasting chocolate milk. I like it!

  3. I have a pair of Landreths (that I'm not using much)too, but am an Asics Nimbus Girl. Love, love the Nimbus.
    Hey, if you ever come out to CO for a trail running getaway, you won't have to use the treadmill for your hill training!!! LOL!!! :-)

  4. Very nice new shoes. Do they have green on them?

  5. K, we went on a great hiking vacation in Co a few years ago - CO Springs, but mostly in the Estes Park area. It would be fun to go again!

    Yes, Meg, they're white and bright green. I like the white and green shoe laces.

  6. What a great workout! You inspired me to run hills on my treadmill too. We do not have a lot of hills in Kansas!

  7. That's great! The nice thing about running on my treadmill is having the fan and a cold drink right there. Hope you have a good hill workout!

  8. It's definitely a bummer when shoes don't fit right. Don't need that pain, ya know? Hope you find some that feel as comfy as slippers!

    I'm inspired by your tough workouts. Wish I could tag along with you, you know what a turtle I am. You'd probably have me whipped into shape fast!

  9. Brenda, your speedwork will speed you up! Have a great race this weekend!

  10. That's awesome! You are such an inspiration!

    I loved that site (Running Warehouse). I'm digging the free shipping both ways. I'm ready to order a new pair soon...

  11. Thanks, Kate! Hope you're not still sore from that last long run!

  12. I do love Running Warehouse too- it's the best!

  13. Hi That Pink Girl! Read that you were sick - hope you're feeling better. Glad you stopped by!


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