Why Run?

Today's run started out good, got a little bit hard, but then improved towards the end. At mile five, I came up with today's post title: Eleven Easy Miles. I know... Where do I come up with all of this creativity?! Neighbors waved and smiled. Drivers politely slowed as they passed. Birds sang.

In the eighth mile, I wanted to revise my post title. It was hot. I slowed down. Running was hard. I didn't want to do anything hard after all. Last night? Yes. Right then? Not so much.
Then I saw a loose dog standing beside the road. It was a nice dog and I tried to see if there was a phone number on its tag, but it wouldn't let me get close enough.

Well, that was all the distraction that I needed. I picked up my pace and those quitter thoughts were gone.

And I started thinking... Why do I run?
  • Because of the breeze I feel on my entire body as I run down the road.
  • Because I like to make my body work hard.
  • Because it feels good to do something I didn't think I could do.
  • Because when I'm done... I smile.
I stretched and took a fifteen minute ice bath. I like summer ice baths now, after the first shocking minute. There I sat: reading a funny story, eating and drinking and the time went by quickly. Really!
Pre-run: Granola
During Run: Gatorade at start and every two miles.
Post-run: Strawberry Fruit Smoothie & banana bread
Today's Run: 11 Miles at 9:45/mile average pace


  1. Maybe you can come up with a list of more things to do while you're taking your ice bath...I'll have to do it tomorrow after our run so please get that list together fast!!! I really, really, really DISLIKE ice baths, even in the summer. Please hurry with that list!

    I enjoyed the part of your run when "the birds sang!" That was cute...

  2. Because we are addicted.

  3. Tee hee on the ice bath ideas...
    I have observed the ice cubes melting and that does take a while, depending on the temp outside...I'm in blister denial so I can't count those...but eating and drinking something tasty sounds good. Thanks!

  4. I'm glad your run got better! Good job!

  5. A lot of my friends think running is crazy, but you're right - it is such a good feeling to do something you didn't think you could do! AND because you feel so great...when you're done!

  6. My same questions and my answer was similar: Because when I'm done... I smile.
    ...while running under a terrible hot sun!

  7. Just want to say thanks for leaving all of the comments, Bloggy Friends! I appreciate you!


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