15 Mile Day

There were a lot of waving drivers out on this good morning. : ) There were a couple of loose dogs out, too, but they ignored me after one of them ran in a playful circle ahead of me. : ) Already two : )'s - you know this is going to be a happy post.

The cool 69 degree start made my first mile feel easy - a big change! Today's goal was to run 15 miles - starting at an easy pace and gradually speeding up. I hoped I could start at a 10:00/mile.

The first three miles surprised me (9:46, 9:41, 9:41). At mile 4, I sped up to 9:31, a pace I stayed pretty close to right through mile 9. At mile 10, I worked hard to run faster and managed 9:11 and mile 11 was a 9:16 pace. Two weeks ago, at the 12 mile point, I had to stop running and lean up against a sign post because I was too hot. Today I passed the sign post and smiled! Mile 12 - 9:10. What a difference the temperature makes!

Nearly finished now! I ran mile 13 at 9:03 and smiled again. Mile 14 -8:50 pace. At the beginning of mile 15, I walked while I finished my Gatorade. For the first time, I felt hot. It was 83* - not as bad as it could be. When I realized that I had less than a mile to go, I felt better. Mile 15 pace - 8:42!

At the beginning of this week I had to shorten a run because my foot hurt. After that, I didn't have any more pain. That makes this week of 42 miles that much sweeter.

Pre-run: oatmeal with raisins, walnuts, brown sugar and milk
During run: Gatorade usu. every 2 miles except miles 4 and 10 - Gu gel w/water
Post-run: peach smoothie and an ice bath


  1. Tina, that sounds like an awesome run -and what a great finish to a 15-miler!

  2. LOVE days like that! So glad you are feeling better and ran faster than what you had planned! :)

  3. Wow, I'm really impressed! Great run! :) And your pre- and post-run food is making me hungry! :)

  4. That is so great! My question for you - I don't know if I've read this on your blog or not, but how long have you been a runner for? And have you always been able to run that pace? I am soooo slow and would like to see the day when I can get a bit faster! Way to go on making 15 miles sound easy!!!!

  5. Nice mileage! No wonder you had so many smiles! It's so fun to run with dogs, good thing they didn't follow you!

  6. Awesome job! I love it when a run seems easier than planned - I bet you were smiling!

  7. Rachel, I ran for a short time 15 years ago, quit, and started up again 6 years ago. As you run more and it cools down, your pace will improve. Later, add speedwork - kind of fun.

  8. Tina this sounds like such a great run! I am hoping for cool weather tomorrow when I run my first 10 miler since the San Fran marathon!

  9. that was one excellent 15-miler with progressive mile splits!! i am loving this weather too!

  10. What a great run. Nothing like the first cooler temps to help with the running and the mind.

  11. Ahhhh!!! That's SO awesome! You are doing the pacing I am reading about. I'm still a minute a mile slower than that, but trying hard to start slower and end faster. It's tricky for me! You rock!


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