7+ At the Park

Today's running goal: seven miles with four of them "faster". And just how fast is faster? That depends...

Last night, I thought 8:00/miles would be mighty fine, but during my warm-up I decided that 9:00/mi. would be good, if I could. ; ) I just didn't feel like there were any fast miles inside of me today. Here's what I ended up with for my four "faster" miles: 8:59, 8:59 (like that consistency!), 8:35 (yay!) and 8:34/mile. So they weren't 8's, but they were faster than 9's! : )

That's a photo of where I usually begin my run at Memorial Park. The huge trees shade much of the path and the pine trees smell nice. After running about .3 mile here, I cross the street to run on the three mile crushed granite loop (really, it's just mostly dirt). After running on mostly sunny streets in my old neighborhood, I'm so thankful for the shaded trail and the water fountains. I'm spoiled!

Total Miles: 7.5
Today's temperature: 70*
Pre-run: 1/2 banana
During run: H2O
Post-run: chocolate milk and a little later, PB & Oats

I hope you get in a great run this weekend!


  1. Love those trees! Looks like a great place to run.

    BTW, I'm w/you on the chocolate milk post run now. :)

  2. I was just looking at your sidebar and saw your running totals for the years - WOW! You are a superhero!

  3. Do you run 6 days a week all the time?

  4. What a beautiful park with water to boot!

  5. I thought it would be kind of fun to run 2009 miles this year, but I'm not going to make that after all. Maybe next year I'll run 2010! We'll see...

    Sometimes I run 5 days a week, but in the last couple of weeks I've gotten back to 6 days of running a week. I hope all of the mileage will help me run a faster marathon. : )

  6. Sub 9:00s, yay!
    Maybe I will join you for the 2010 next year. ????? It would definitely be a challenge.
    We've gotta get that 3:50!

  7. i'm scanning your recipes and making notes! wow, you have some good yummy stuff!
    seriously, almost 2K miles? i'm beyond WOW!

  8. shade and water - i am jealous! nice job pushing your faster miles!


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