Hard 14 Mile Run

I ran 14 miles at Memorial Park today. Ever since I started running at the park, I haven't listened to music while I run. I like to hear what's going on around me. Running without music has been surprisingly easy, but I wonder if it might have helped me in the later miles today.

If you lived in Houston, the first thing you would have noticed when you stepped out the door is that it was humid today. After I felt the humidity I decided that I'd be happy with ten minute miles. Somehow I was able to run the first seven miles with an average 9:30 pace. I wanted to keep it up.

That was hard to do in the second half of my run. The sun was out and it was hotter. I don't like to take walk breaks - it's hard to get going again, but I stopped often at the water fountains for a drink. In the twelfth mile, I changed my pace goal to "just keep running". The second half brought my total average down to 9:44, but I'm glad that I ran all of the way home.

Where would the challenge be if all of our runs were easy?


  1. ah, yes, where would the challenge be if all of our runs were easy?! thanks again for your encouraging words the other day. i'm glad that we all have those kinds of runs. (but your timing is still so AMAZING!) ;)

  2. Yes, the hard ones make you grateful when the good ones come along and you've had lots of good ones!

  3. Nice run, especially in the hot sun!

  4. Hi tina, saw you over at MegRuns and popped by... I have a question. I am moving from KC to miami and well I know the humidity here sucks, but it's way worse there. Any tips for dealing with it? Because like you..I don't take walk breaks, I walk or run but no combo

  5. Hi RunToThe Finish! Yesterday, the humidity was terrible.

    A few things I've done: Freeze some water in my water bottle so it stays very cold. Refrigerate a wet hand towel and put it in an insulated bag to cool off with if I stop at the house mid-run. Try not to worry when I see that my pace is slower, but if it gets crazy slow, stop and walk before I can't even walk home.

    It would be great to hear more tips for running in the humidity if you'd like to share. I can always use them!

  6. 14 miles on a monday! what a way to start the week!

    i do not miss the humidity. it was 55* here (in kentucky) today!

  7. 55*?! I can't wait until it gets that cold here!


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