How About 16 Miles? Today!

About 7AM today, I decided to run 16 miles this morning. I normally plan these long runs out a little farther in advance ; ), but there's a good chance for rain on my long run day this week (Friday).

Usually, I eat a healthy dinner the night before a long run, but last night I went to a baseball game. (Go Houston Astros! What?! You didn't know I liked baseball?! Me, either, but I had fun!) There's a lot of junk food eating that goes on at a game and I had it all including a huge ice cream sundae. No problems on my run, though. I worry too much!

During my run, I took a Powerbar tangerine gel at miles 5 and 11 and drank water, no Gatorade today. Normally, I'd eat more gels, but that was all that I had. Just two gels did the trick, though.

There was a cool breeze today and at mile 7, I remember thinking that I felt like I could run forever. Watch out, you know how those happy feelings fade fast sometimes! There was one part in the twelfth mile, where I felt hot, but soon I was running in the shade and all was well.

At mile 14, I headed home. I sped up (last 1 1/2 miles averaged 9:03/mi). It was only 72*. The sky was clear and blue. The rest of the route was mostly shady. My pace for the 16 mile run averaged 9:33/mile. What a great run!


  1. 16 miles? Dang girl, you're awesome! You're a good inspiration for me. :) Sounds like you had fun at the game. I don't normally like stadium events, but give me a bag of somethin' to munch on and I'm happy people watching. Cute picture.

  2. Nothing like an impulsive 16 mile run, huh?! By the way, I'm a Mets fan, so watch out (next year!). Nice job on the run.

  3. That sounds like such a great run!

  4. Awesome running! Isn't it funny that sometimes we don't have to plan and things still go well?! Sounds like you're getting ready for Houston!

  5. what a great run! i wish i could (or *would*) spontaneously run long during the week. it'll be nice knowing you don't have to fit in a long run this weekend - more time to relax!

  6. We are Cardinal fans in our house, but since the Cards play Houston so much in the playoffs, I feel like I know who a lot of the players are!

    I find that the spur of the moment long runs are the best! It doesn't give me time to over think them!

    Cute picture too!

  7. WOW! That's awesome! Gotta love that you got it done on a spontaneous moment and it all went well. Your pace is soooo awesome!

  8. Great run! I am definitely seeing that 3:50 in your future. Hopefully, mine too. Hopefully, the same year. Boston here we come, right?


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