Last One - Best One

After a two mile warm-up, I ran 6 x 800m intervals. The first one wasn't too bad - I wasn't tired yet. ; ) After a couple of those, I wasn't sure that I could do any more, but after each recovery jog rest, I was ready.

I tried to focus on each interval rather than worry (too much!) about how I'd ever finish another. I had a couple of slower ones. Just make the next one better, right?

When I was almost finished with the last one, I felt like I really should be done already, as in, did my Garmin stop working? I tried to keep my strides short and my arms pumping and I think I ran hard right to the end. That was the fastest interval. : )

Pre-run: PB & J sandwich
During run: Gatorade
Post-run: chocolate mik


  1. Way to go Tina...using the arms to to finish strong. I like your thought about looking at each interval rather than the whole workout. Break it up into pieces, nice idea!
    Happy Monday,

  2. I always try to run my last one hard, doesn't always work, but it sure makes me feel good to end on a good note, and run that last one well, when tired. I miss the track and will be heading back to it in the next 4 weeks. (been working on the hills and mile repeats - which I do off the track) Looking forward to some 800s. Yay! Nice workout!

  3. I agree with Meg, I like how you focused on each one instead of feeling overwhelmed about how you'd finish. Your mention of arms pumping reminded me of my last race... when I spotted the finish line I started running as fast as possible with big strides and pumping my arms. For a split second I pictured tripping and eating it bad in front of everyone! Scary and funny all at once.

  4. nice job on the 800s! one-at-a-time is definitely the approach you have to take with intervals so you don't get too overwhelmed or psyched out.


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