Negative Splits

Today I stepped out my door and three fast runners ran by. I hadn't done any fast running all week and felt like speeding up today. I ran the first three miles at a comfortable fast pace.

In the fourth mile I wanted to work a little harder. There was a runner ahead of me wearing a red shirt and running a little faster than me. I tried to stay with the Red Shirt Runner. I made it to a down hill portion and sped up. Now Red Shirt Runner was going up a hill. Could I keep up when I reached the hill? Yes! That was just about a marathon paced mile. Thanks, Red Shirt Runner!

Saturday is a big running day - the best and busiest I've seen so far. (We moved to our new neighborhood on Monday.) I think I ran by a couple of huge running groups in the last half mile - maybe a hundred runners. Really!

I didn't pay much attention to my pace on my Garmin and figured my splits would be all over the place, but I was happily surprised when I got home and saw my splits: 9:37, 9:18, 9:13, 8:47, 8:22 with an average of 9:03/mile. Yay for negativity!


  1. What a great run! It's amazing how others can help to motivate you so much, especially on a training run. O how I would love to live in a "running city." Your not near Memorial park are you? When we have traveled to Houston, or through Houston, we have stopped there many times to run. Always so many people out running / walking. It's very inspiring.

  2. Yes, we moved just a few blocks away from Memorial Park!

    I think I'll add that to my post somewhere - maybe the label.

  3. How fun! It always helps to have other runners around, even if you aren't running with them. Great job on the splits...go,go negativity(that just doesn't sound right, does it?)!

  4. Red Shirt Runners are awesome! So are negative splits!!! Glad you are having fun!


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