We Moved!

My new house is full of cardboard boxes. I can't even smell them any more. I wonder if I smell like a box now. ; ) The good thing is that I can see the floor in almost every room today.

When you move, pack your running necessities in a suitcase like I did. You could just label a running box, but that bright red suitcase really stands out amidst the brown boxes.

I really like our new neighborhood. : ) I've run ten miles so far and all of the new sights have made the miles go by quickly. When I run, I just head down my street four blocks and I'm at the park with tons of large shade trees, plenty of water fountains and tons of other runners. What inspiration! I ran 4 easy miles today and I'm looking forward to a longer run tomorrow.


  1. Shaded trees and water fountains are so nice to have when running in Houston weather!!

    Congratulations on your new house!!!

  2. Glad you have your priorities straight by packing a special running suitcase - good girl!!! :-)
    Also glad you are enjoying exploring your new neighborhood!

  3. Oh it sounds lovely! I'm glad you like it there. The red suitcase was a good idea and I'll try and remember that. Hopefully though we won't be moving, EVER, but ya just never know do ya?

  4. what an awesome place to run! someday you'll have to post a few pics. it sounds so perfect!


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