Where's My Treadmill?!

Can you find my treadmill?! See it back there by the window? I had to cut this morning's park run down to 3.5 miles because of the lightning and thunder. Too bad, but at least I only had 1.5 miles left to run, if only I could free my treadmill from the attack of the boxes!

I picked up the pace and ran home and there was my treadmill - trapped! Fifteen minutes later I had freed it. I watched the rain and lightning out the window and finished up my 5 mile run.

I lifted weights afterwards, working on my chest and triceps, doing fewer reps than I'm used to since I've taken a short break from weight work and my arm muscles were tired. It felt good to do the exercises.


  1. So glad that you "freed" the treadmill. Now you both will be happy campers. 32 days till your half.


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