12 Mile Run at Memorial Park

I had a great 12 mile progression run this morning at the park. It didn't feel that humid and it was only 67*, but my legs just didn't want to go faster than 10:00/mi for the first three miles. The next three miles averaged 9:40. That's better!

I ate a tangerine with caffeine Powerbar gel at mile 4.5. At mile 5.5, I started my music. I haven't listened to music on the run in weeks so it was a nice change. At mile six, there was a short rain shower and a breeze that cooled me off and I wanted to run faster. Isn't that the best, when you would normally be tired, but you feel great and want to run faster?!

I sped up in the last six miles, with the last four miles averaging 8:39 - faster than I had hoped I could run, but I felt that good! Smiles all around! : )


  1. Your race is coming up, good thing you're smiling!

  2. that's the best feeling - when you are smiling afterwards. That's why we run, for that feeling!

  3. man i am jealous of your running! so excellent! nice negative splits :)


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