17 1/4 Mile Run

So the training continues and today I ran a little over 17 miles. I never had any pain (knees just felt a little tired when I started back up after a water break at 15 miles) and I never felt like I couldn't finish. I pushed myself a bit to get a 10:03/mi. average pace.

It was a warm 75*, but the clouds kept me from feeling too hot. And, of course, the trees along the path helped, too. I would have liked to have run a little faster, but since it was warm, I didn't push too hard.

I wore Drymax socks. Twice on my run, the air flowing through my shoes felt nice and cool like a fan was blowing on them. Maybe it was the occasional breeze. Nice.

I meant to just run 17, but my calculations were a little off. Told myself I'd stop at 17 if I needed to, but I didn't.


  1. That's a long run, nice job Tina. That's great you didn't stop right away, you pressed on. Way to go!

  2. Good job on the run!!!

  3. Sounds like a good one! Great job!

  4. I'm so glad I didn't plan to run 17 today. It was humid and 80*, 5* hotter than yesterday - like running in a small room with the heater turned on. Don't think I could have done it!

  5. great long run! pain free and not too hot. sounds like knocking it out on monday was a better decision with today's warmer temps. always hard to run for hours in the heat.

  6. Drymax = GOOD!!! Good job on the 17 miler!


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