Clif Shot Bloks

Last Monday I ate 3 strawberry Clif Shot Bloks at miles 5 & 9 of my 14 mile run. Today around mile 4 I ate three cran-razz Bloks. Both flavors were good - they taste like candy.

I like the packaging, too - a long strip. It was easy to squeeze them out of the package one at a time while I ran. And I surprised myself - I can chew (with my mouth closed - that's important!) and run at the same time! Monday I noticed little things like that it was taking me 1/4 mile (a long time!) to chew three Bloks, but today I just ate them without even thinking about it - a good thing. They still take more time to chew than it takes for me to swallow gel, though.


  1. These are good! I feel like I'm giving myself a treat, sort of like gummy bears!

  2. Yummmm, gummy bears! The gels do go down easier than the bloks but sometimes it's nice to have a little different texture. Have you ever seen the Honey Stinger gels? They are a Colorado based company who also have "bloks". Theirs are my favorite of all the blok brands! Yum!
    K :-)

  3. Sounds like I need to try those Honey Stinger gels!

  4. Love Shot Bloks! Yummy, easy to carry and organic. I do have to open the package before I run though. It's tough to open with sweaty hands!

  5. That's good info about opening the Blok package. I opened mine just a little before I ran on Monday. Yesterday, when I only ate 3 bloks, I cut the package in half so it was already open.


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